“Anything Goes”
Simon Jones

Anything Goes! Some people round here insist on sticking to its old monicker, Moorlands Roots. What we’re about is character. Music that says something; be it about a place, a situation, a time, even an incident. Music that has character and a derivation, a signal so clear that to ignore it would be a crime.

We play a bewildering variety, hold on as we flip your wig with tunes from far shores, closely guarded secrets from your own backyard and help you discover connections across boundaries and genres. Expect the unexpected!

There’s recorded music, live interviews, sessions from national and local artists, news, phone chats, gigs, charts and even Producer Steve’s semi-legendary Homework slot!

We run competitions for releases, festival and gig tickets. If it isn’t on Anything Goes you don’t need to know about it.

If you live in the Staffordshire Moorlands tune in to Moorlands Radio on 103.7FM or if you are further afield click on the most suitable link for your media player just above the Moorlands Radio logo and listen on-line each and every Sunday 7pm-10pm.

Tune in! We’d love to have you with us!

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...expect the unexpected!

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